The queen of medicinal plants, aloe vera, heals and cares for our body like no other plant. It strengthens the self-healing powers in a unique way and ensures more vitality and joie de vivre. For thousands of years, people have regarded the plant with its outstanding spectrum of health-promoting effects as a symbol of immortality and beauty.



Even the legendary ancient Egyptian beauties, Queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra, cared for their bodies with the active ingredients of freshly harvested aloe vera leaves, and drawings of plants were found on temple walls and in the tombs of the pharaohs, which are estimated to have originated 6000 years ago. The ancient Egyptians embalmed their dead with myrrh and aloe vera juice. This preservative property was probably one of the reasons why people believed that the plant bestowed beauty and longevity.


Aloe vera also caused a sensation in the western world in the 20th century. The skin burns that occurred during the first test with X-rays were successfully treated by US doctors with the gel of the leaves, and the plant was also able to bring relief in many cases of burns caused by radioactive radiation after the atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima. While the Americans were already scientifically researching the mechanisms of action of aloe vera, which they respectfully call the mute healer, in the last century, there was still widespread skepticism in this country.

In the past decades, the plant has also conquered its place in Europe. Their nourishing, moisturizing, wound-healing and pain-relieving properties paved the way for them, ultimately making them indispensable for the cosmetics industry and consumers.

On top of that. The ingredients of aloe vera have a regulating and balancing effect on our cell metabolism. This ensures the physiological supply of our body cells - especially when eating chemically modified, contaminated or denatured food, which often leads to a deficit in bioactive vital substances - and care is taken for the health of the entire organism.


ALOE VERA - the undecorated and prickly plant has finally established itself in our latitudes: the plant is very popular with countless people as a beauty elixir and healthy food supplement, whose vital substances increase well-being and help to maintain health.

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