Buy your favorite cosmetics today and simply pay for them later.

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What? How? Very easy now with Klarna! With Klarna you experience shopping the way you love it. You can buy all your favorite items and then decide how to pay for them.

How does shopping with Klarna work?

With Klarna you can pay however you want. Whether immediately, later on account or in installments. And now with us too!

Klarna invoice

These terms of payment apply between you and the shop where you buy your goods, tickets or services if you choose payment by invoice as your payment method. Please note that payment by invoice can only be used by consumers.

If you choose to pay by invoice, you will pay with a due date of 14 days from the date the goods, tickets, or other services are shipped, the time the services or digital content are available. The shop assigns the claim to Klarna Bank AB ("Klarna"). Klarna will send you a money order and you pay for your order directly to Klarna.


Klarna installment purchase

With Klarna installment purchase (6-24 months) you can shop today and split your costs into fixed or flexible installments of up to 24 months.

Pay with Klarna | BAILY COSMETICS-klarna-cosmetics-makeup

Immediate transfer, direct debit or credit card

With Klarna you can easily pay for your orders immediately by direct transfer, direct debit or credit card. You can view and manage all your purchases at any time in the Klarna app.

Pay later

Pay later means that you have 30 days to pay your bill - free of charge and with 1 click. In the app you can also extend your payment period by 10, 30 or 60 days for a small fee or convert your invoice into financing.

Hire purchase

With Klarna installment purchase, you can adapt your payment plan to your personal needs. You can split your costs into fixed or flexible installments up to 24 months. You have maximum flexibility.



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